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Frequently Asked Questions / Terms of Service

  • What is involved in the editing process?  Basic image editing includes; removing the camera reflection in mirrors, sharpening the image, straightening the vertical lines of the walls, reducing image noise, reducing distortion and chromatic aberration, cropping the edges of the images, adjusting the global color, contrast, saturation, clarity, white balance and exposure.  We don’t do object removal or patch grass.  We are volume driven so we don’t make a lot on each shoot, which is why we are able to keep our affordable prices at a very high quality.

  • Who owns the images?  Technically Real Estate Photography Specialists owns the images.  The original agent who paid for this service has permission to use these images/video on any electronic or printed form of advertisement for the promotion of that property.  Builders, stagers, designers and others who wish to use images/video taken by our photographers should contact us for licensing information. Images/video cannot be sold to another agent who takes over an expired or withdrawn listing.  Failure to pay for the images/video will result in a copyright infringement/ violation.

  • What is the cancellation policy?  If cancellation or rescheduling is necessary, please give us 24 hours notice.  If the home is not ready for the session when the photographer arrives, there will be a $50 fee.  Appointments not canceled 24 hours prior to the scheduled shoot will also be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

  • How do you determine which photos to take?  With almost a 1000 homes under our belts and tons of hours studying Real Estate Photography, you can trust that we know which images best highlight your listing. If you have specific angles or shots in mind, please share those with the photographer on site.  In most cases, the agent requests a certain number of images, and we will use that total to choose the best compositions for the house.

  • Image delivery time:  After the shoot has been finished, we will invoice you unless you already paid at the time you scheduled.  Please pay when you receive your invoice so we can begin to edit your photos. If you are going to be a regular customer, you can leave your credit card on file with us if you would like.  We have a two day turnaround for images and often we will be able to process them by the next day. You will be emailed a link with the images. A delay in payment will delay the processing and delivery of your images.  If you have specific delivery requirements, please contact us prior to scheduling your photo session.

  • The Photo Session:  We encourage the agent or homeowner to be present at the shoot to give access to the home and to discuss any special considerations such as what should be included or excluded in shots. Unless specified, the standard shoot will include the front and back exterior as well as the major rooms such as kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, master bedroom, master bath and bedrooms.  Multiple angles of the same room or area may be considered in the count of finished photos. All properties will be shot AS IS.  If the property is not properly cleaned or staged, the photographer will make a reasonable effort to create the most pleasing photographs/video possible.  However, we will not be responsible for cleaning or moving furniture. Please make sure pets are contained during the session. Please review our tips on how to prepare the home. Your photo package includes a specific amount of time for the photo session.  Any return trip to the property for re-shoots will incur a re-shoot fee. The minimum photo reshoot fee is $149.00.

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