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A great headshot can be the keystone of your personal branding efforts. Follow the suggestions below to help you get a headshot that will give a great first impression!

    1. Smile-  The number one thing you can do to be seen as trustworthy and likeable is to smile.  Even if you are the more serious type you can still smile with mostly just your eyes. 

    2. Attire-  Wear your favorite outfit that is appropriate to your marketplace.  We are using a white infinity background, so please don't wear white.  If you aren't sure about what to wear,  do a search for Realtor headshot, and click on images.  This will give you some posing ideas as well. Avoid busy patterns and excessive jewelry.

    3. Hair- if possible, getting your hair and even makeup done by a professional can really help.  The truth is that most of the ladies are very proficient at makeup application though.  Just don't overdo it.

    4. We will do a variety of poses for you to choose your top two or three.  Again, searching Realtor headshots and clicking on images will give you many poses to practice on your own before you ever get in front of the camera.  I will pose you for several and you can also strike some of your own poses that you like. 

    5. Posing- most images will be with the shoulders at an angle to the camera.  For the ladies, you can tilt your head slightly toward the shoulder closest to the camera.  The men can be more straight or slightly towards the back shoulder. 

    6. Posing- The head will turn more to the camera than the shoulders, but still not straight at it.  The camera will see more of one side of the face than the other.  Then you can look at the camera with your eyes. If you tilt your chin slightly down and push your face forward to avoid the double chin. 

    7. Slight squint- studies have shown that people who squint very slightly appear more confident and influential.  This may not work for everyone, but give it a try while in front of your bathroom mirror to see if it works for you. 

    8. Stand up straight- this will also project confidence and professionalism.

    9. Relax- I know, with all the posing information overload, who can relax?  This is very important, though, and something I will be reminding you to do if necessary.

    10. A good night's rest can make a world of difference.  A well rested person can actually connect better with the photographer during the shoot. This will almost always show up in your photos as a more engaging and relational person.

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